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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amrutham - A Telugu Comedy Show

Amrutham,A Telugu comedy show which has entertained audience for more than 5 years on Gemini TV is now on maa TV.To download the episodes of it,i suggest you to visit the site


1.29th Jan 2009,PATHI PADATHI

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 29-Jan-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

2.2nd Feb,WRONG CALL (Episode Number 161)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 02-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

3.10th Feb,NIDRAHARA DIKSHA (Episode Number:166)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 10-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

4.11th Feb,VIP KODI(Episode Number:167)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 11-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

5.12th Feb,SHOW(Episode Number:168)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 12-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

6.16th Feb,SHUNAKA PREMA(Episode Number:169)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 16-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

7.17th Feb,ICE IDLI(Episode Number:170)

MaaTV ★ Amrutham ★ 17-02-09 ★ TV-Rip ★ XviD ★ Team Rockerz

For More episodes of amrutham,Register and have fun at the website

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ShashiRekha Parinayam (2009)


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Banner: Karthikeya Creations
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Music: Mani Sharma
Story - screenplay - direction
Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Sunkara Madhu Murali
Release date: 1 January 2009

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